About Pandit Ramkrishnaji..

Shri. Ramkrishna Vyankatesh Ingale

  • Worked as Police Inspector in Finger Print Bureau (CID Dept, Pune, Maharashtra, India) for 37 Years.
  • Solved many cases and also delivered lectures on finger print science
  • Retired in 2003
  • Specialized in Palmistry and astrology for last 40 years
  • This is hereditary knowledge and business, this is 11th generation
  • Guided thousands of families and business personalities to achieve success or get rid of difficulties in life by advising certain “Pooja Vidhi” (rituals to be performed)
  • Attended about 50 seminars on astrology and delivered lectures on the same
  • Had debates with various experts in astrology

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USA Contact Number 925-998-7296 (Between 10:00 am pacific to 2:00 pm pacific)

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